How To Host The Perfect Social Gathering!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I absolutely love my job!  One of the best parts of it is the fact that I get paid to play with jewelry and have fun!

One aspect I love about my job is hosting Socials!  It gives me so much joy to share my love for South Hill Designs jewelry while learning my guests most personal stories as they build their own locket pieces.  The process is so personal and it touches my heart every time I hear a story from one of my guests while they build their customized jewelry.

So how do you have a successful Social you may ask–the ingredients are quite simple.  All you need to do is gather up a group of friends, colleagues from work and family members and invite them over for a few hours of fun. A lovely gathering with those closest to you, what could be be more fun than that?  At the Social you will want to offer something to drink and have a small snack prepared.  I find that having a themed Social can really be quite fun.  Something such as wine and cheese or margaritas with chips and salsa –or something simple like tea and crumpets.  Any drink with a finger food is really all you need as you want the focus to be on getting together and having fun while perusing South Hill Designs jewelry.

The real key to success is to keep it simple and have fun doing it– and fun you will have!  I have not hosted one Social yet where we didn’t have a great time!  I have had a few hostesses ask how much food or what type of food they should have for their guests.  I always encourage my hostesses to pick some sort of theme or snacks that they feel will appeal to the majority of their friends and family–and go from there.  I remind them that they are not providing a full meal, but a snack and it is about spending quality time with friends and loved ones while looking at beautiful jewelry.

Another question I have had from a couple of my hostesses is how do they pick a date that will work for everyone?  First, I always remind my hostesses that there will never be a date that will work for everyone.  Then I recommend that they run a date by a couple of their closest friends to see if it will work for them, then choose that date for their Social and stick with it.  For those who cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts, they can simply order products online or through the catalog and the hostess will still receive full credit towards free and half priced jewelry!

So what are you waiting for, let’s plan a Social with your friends and family in the next few weeks!  I would love to host a Social with you so you can earn both free and half priced jewelry!  Besides, there is always a gorgeous piece of jewelry offered each month as a bonus incentive if you book a party of $500 or more.  For September it is the beautiful graphite earrings and bracelet pieces offered below.  I can be reached at or 408-891-7944..


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