My dream and why I joined South Hill Designs…

I often wondered who worked in a direct sales force as a full time career.  I have asked myself what made people decide to join direct sales companies and what was the allure? Well, I am happy to say that I have figured out for myself just how special and rewarding it is to work in direct sales and for yourself!  I mean who wouldn’t want to be their OWN boss, work their OWN hours and make as much money as they choose simply by following through on their OWN commitments?  That defines a dream job to me, fulfilling your OWN destiny..

I am a single mom who has a son to support and I quickly discovered the benefits of working from home.  I can work my own hours, that is the hours that work best for my schedule and have the flexibility to take my son to and from school while being there for him to do his homework in the afternoons.  I take pride in the fact that I am able to be home with him as he still needs me hands on.  Being a mom can be very demanding and I needed a job that was flexible enough for my role as a single parent.  Did I mention the amount of support you also get from your team?  I was awestruck when I realized how close my teammates were to each other and supportive of each other’s careers and dreams!  They actually help each other out and train each other, sharing best practices!  I am blessed beyond belief to have a team of such great women who are now my friends and support system too!

If you are looking for a very rewarding career with flexible hours so you can stay home with your kids or simply looking to make a little extra money–or have a few extra nights out each week with the girls, look no further, South Hill Designs is for YOU!  You get out exactly what you put into your business.  It is YOUR OWN business yet with the support of other like minded individuals who support and nurture you and your career growth!

Working for South Hill Designs has changed my life completely.  I recently lost both of my parents and have been grieving their loss.  I needed something positive in my life to lift me back up again.  When I first learned about South Hill Designs I was at a local event and ran across their booth.  The first thing I noticed was that the women seemed so nice with no pressure attitudes, just nice and casual. They didn’t try to sell me anything as the jewelry sold itself, glistening in the warm summer sun and so beautiful.  Once I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful jewelry, the gorgeous booth, the nice women and found myself wanting more.  As I looked through the catalog I noticed an ad indicating that I could host a Social and earn free jewelry.  I thought to myself “earn free jewelry” why not, what do I have to lose?  The next day I called the number on the back of the catalog and told the gal who is now my upline that I was interested in hosting a Social.  After talking with her further and reviewing the pricing of the starter kits, I quickly realized what a great deal the jewelry was.  Even better, I learned what an awesome company that South Hill Designs was as it is run by 2 owners who are ethical and have high integrity and standards.  This is something I could get behind I thought and a positive way to spend my time!  I didn’t need any convincing and quickly decided to join the company and bought the Social Essentials kit for the promo price of $249.00 as this was the best deal and came with the most amount of jewelry.  I will be honest, at first I thought I would just get out a night or 2 here and there, but this opportunity quickly turned into a full-time and exciting career for me!  I am still fairly new to South Hill Designs, but have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of other women who are very successful here, making upwards of $100,000 annually so I know this is the right business opportunity for me and my family.

What are you waiting for?  Would you love to own your own company and have flexibility to spend more time with your family?  Whether you want a fun and fulfilling job or a full fledged career, please join me and my team!  I would be honored to have you and will work hard with you to show you the ropes!  You will be so happy that you made the decision to join!!!

Please contact me at or 408-891-7944.  You can also visit my website to see our products and learn more at

My Best,


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